3. Other programs - apart from the aforementioned uses, sodium dithionate has found its application in photography industry, but only if you use it properly. Along with that, caffeine is used in gas filtration, the water treatment, cleaning and burning vegetation. As a sulphonating broker the substance is used in food and set industry. The best factor about caffeine is its smaller poisoning, which makes it such a flexible substance with such different range of programs. 


All these programs make sodium hydrosulfite such an inseparable aspect of various sectors. Looking at all the aforementioned uses it is simple to understand why caffeine keeps such a significant place in the area of natural chemical make up as a flexible substance.


So, now you know what all positions that this flexible substance can play in its various types (solid and remedy forms). Looking at the aforementioned information it won't be wrong to say that sodium dithionate (sodium hydrosulfite) has appeared as a substance work-horse for multifarious professional reasons and will continue to operate as the same in the periods to come as well.

Electro Chlorination anodes

Electro winning anodes

Anodes for surface finishing

In the area of natural chemical make up,  Chlor-alkali  Sodium Hydrosulfite is known as a extremely useful decreasing broker which is used in several substance responses. At the same time, the substance is also popular as a useful substance for several professional procedures as well. This article is based upon the primary information about this substance broker. 


Structure - structurally, this substance is the sodium salt of dithionic acidity. Hence, it is also known famously as sodium dithionate. Although generally Pyrrolidone   is operational as a crystalline substance in characteristics that is white-colored colored and has a small sulfurous order, but it also prevails in anhydrous (without water) as well as dihydrated (having 2 standard water elements integrated in its structure) types.